b. 1991 Copenhagen 


Contact: lineflinej@gmail.com

(email for technical CV)



Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Class of Video and Videoinstallation, 2014 - 2019 

Glasgow School of Art, Class of Sculpture and Environmental Arts, 2017 - 2018


Selected Exhibitions

"Old habits" / Suzie Shride, Soloshow, Vienna, 2019 

"Abschlussarbeiten - Diplomausstellung" / xE, Group Show, Vienna, 2019

"Fluent" / BartnikProjectRoom, Group Show,Osnabrück,2018 

"Vernissage for beginners" / Parallel,  Vienna, 2018 

"Vernissage for beginners" / Vienna Design Week, Vienna, 2018 

"Anger is a solution, if anger means kittens" / Kunstraum D21, Group Show, Leipzig, 2018 

"Melting Pot" / An der Schillingbrücke, Group Show, Berlin, 2018

"4ever and space" / Kunsthalle Turnhalle, Group Show, Vienna, 2018 

"Twisted Sides" / Art House Gallery, Group Show, Brno, 2018

"INTIMACY" / DGTL FMNSM, Group show, Dresden, 2018 

"BYOB" / Ligthouse, Group show, Glasgow, 2018

"Only dive in designated areas" / DGI, Copenhagen, 2018

"The space that we share" / EX14, Solo Show, Dresden, 2017

"Equivocations" / The Wrong - The New Digital Art Biennale, Group Show, Online exhibition, 2017

"Der Rote Block" / LA54, Group Show, Berlin, 2017

"Silent Scream" / Zentrale, Group Show, Vienna, 2016

"EYE CANDY" / Kunsthal Ved Siden af, Group Show, Copenhagen, 2016

"Ausstellung" / Fan Kunstverein, Group Show, Vienna, 2016

"Stolen Art for Sale" / Verdenskulturcenteret Nørrebro, Group Show, Copenhagen 2016

"Displacement - Information through Sound" / CityGate Shoppingmall, Group Show, Vienna, 2016

"Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling" / Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art, Group Show, Copenhagen, 2015



2 Days Animation Festival, Vienna, 2018 

FAF Animation Festival, Frederikstad, 2018 

Thessaloniki Queer Art Festival, Thessaloniki, 2018 (Prescreening)

Under the Radar Animation Festival, Vienna, 2018

One Day Animation Festival, Vienna, 2017

Under the Radar Animation Festival, Vienna, 2016

Husets Biograf, Copenhagen, 2016

Punto Y Raja Festival, Karlsruhe, 2016

One Day Animation Festival, Vienna, 2015



EX14 Raum für Zetgenössische Kunst, Dresden, 2017



The Danish Art Foundation 2019



Student assistant of the Animation Class, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2015-2017


KIMKIM, Days of Al, Shortfilm, Animator, 2019 

AUX Portes, Leash Music Video, Animator, 2018 

Heavennet, Shortfilm, Animator, 2018 (Upcoming)

KIMKIM, Juggling Music Video, Animator, 2018 

Roskilde Festival, Visuals, 2017

Les Ardentes Festival, Videoinstallation, 2016

Festival of Endless Gratitude, Videoinstallation, 2016

Lost Lands Festival, Videoinstallation, 2016

Papercut Issues Release, Visuals, 2016

Das Werk, Visuals, 2016