Virtual Reality



Ward:801 is a virtual reality experience based on A hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital. The work is accessible via a headset (Oculus). You will find yourself in a 3D environment constructed from memory of what the psychiatric ward felt and looked like, and experience the scene from a first person POV in a 3D animated character, at best simulating my body.  Once in there, you are able to wander around and explore the ward whilst meeting the staff and other patients. The work is utterly subjective, utterly fictive however still manifesting how we can approach our past again and again in order to stage it anew and understand it differently. 

Here comes the sun

Virtual reality 

Infinite loop



Here comes the sun is a short virtual reality experience built upon a memory from a day at an Austrian wine tavern. The birds are singing, sun rays are beaming and the wine never tasted better. It's the first day out after many months of lockdown. Joy and laughter compete with one another to suppress the ghastly past. A sudden event pokes at us to test whether we are still the same or if something has changed.


Old Habits 

Virtual Reality

Infinite loop



"Old habits" is a memory of a time working as a caretaker at a retirement home in Denmark.