VIDEO works

Installation shots What If I Am Not An Übermensch?                                                Photo credit: Mikkel Kaldal

What If I am Not An Übermensch?

Videoinstallation (10-channel), animation




What If I Am Not An Übermensch? consist of 10 individual videos, each featuring a 3D animated doctor, psychologist and psychiatrist. These are projected onto curved walls putting the viewer in a circular field surrounded by videos. Each video is equipped with a speaker that faces the centre so that the animated characters all speak to the middle. The situation  simulates a diagnostic evaluation, similar to one I underwent during my hospitalisation, and the videos will therefore appear over-proportioned to emphasise the feeling of being „under the magnifying glass“. The conversations are based on various passages from my medical records, however rearranged.


Animated video, machinima



RATATAT A TALE is a 3D rendered environment seen from the perspective of an unwanted being. Similar to a rat it creeps by the walls, hide behind pots and lurks beneath the trash whilst hiding from the humans. A voice over, speaking the thoughts of the rat, wonders why it is so unwanted. The environment is one similar to the apartment complex in which I live. We don't talk much, we don't have that much in common but we share the courtyard sometimes.


 Kindly supported by The Danish Arts Council


Animated Video




KillJoy is an animated passiveagressive suburban tragic-comedy dealing with social norms of happiness. The scene is set around a family and their dinnertable .It is the usual gathering but something is off


Direction and Animation: Line Finderup Jensen

Music : Benjamin Grodin


Animated video




Gliding through google earth and animated weapons, a voice over is telling the story of how neighbours treat each other and their cats in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen