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But is my reality the only one?

Web application

Infinite loop



An interactive experience on eating and being eaten.

Controls are left/right arrow keys and mouse.



Vernissage for beginners

Interactive Video

Infinite loop



Vernissage for beginners is an interactive video simulating an art opening back in Copenhagen 2015. Every year the “Copenhagen Center of Contemporary Art” sends out an opencall for the prestigeous fall exhibition. To apply one had to pay a fee, to participate (if accepted) one had to pay a fee, to have dinner with other selected artist one had to pay a fee. Exhibiting artists have no say in the curation or installation of their works, however they recieve a yellow sticker labeled artist to wear for the big opening night.

Vernissage for beginners invites the viewer to navigate around the opening, meet other guests, cheer a selection of drinks and finally throw money if a work is of their particular liking.The building and the people are created from memory however its important to mention that all artworks inside are fictional except from my own submitted videowork. The project is realized with the gaming software UNITY, however It is not a game reaching a goal. It is rather a representation of a place and a memory I want to share.

Warn Others of slippery conditions, so that everyone can walk with caution

Interactive Video




„Warn others of slippery conditions, so that everyone can walk with caution“ is a videogame created from a personal experience at the Oberlaa therme in Vienna. There is no start or end, it is merely an atmospheric experience, played through a firstperson character.