Common Sense (1)

Videoinstallation, animation



In Common Sense(1) old journals from when Line was admitted into hospital in 2012 are brought forward once again. A 3D animated doctor reads out loud from a document put together of fragments of various journals. The initial story of this document aims at diagnosing a 22year old girl with a mental illness, whilst the curation of the content tries nuancing the image of a hospitalized person. Drawing on the writing of Ursula Le Guin´s “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction” the artist is trying to figure out in these journals, whether it is possible dissolving the ownership of the true story and how a new perspective could be put forward as an equal to the primary. These journals acts as archives, storing history, but they are also controlled by someone – and that is the archivist. As an experiment of shapeshifting her own discourse in the past to the present, Jensen used motion capture tools to directly translate facial expressions and movements from her onto him in real-time whilst reading out loud the journals.


Kindly supported by Statens Kunstfond